How to pollinate adenium flowers?

December 2, 2007 at 5:19 am | Posted in Tips & Trick | 1 Comment

How to pollinate adenium flowers?

Nr. Sundaram

How to pollinate adenium flowers?

This is the question most of my friends asking me always. I used to say “it is very simple if you know the mechanism of cross pollination”. Even then they are not satisfied and they want a demonstration and I find that this is also not able to understand by them.

So I decided that instead of explanation and demonstration, explain them with photos is much easier.

But Mr. David Clulow’s image on hybridization is already published in Adenium Yahoo groups and it is also the best one. Instead of taking fresh photos I got the permission from him to republish in my webshots link with a little rearrangement plus explaining the mechanism of cross pollination.

I did this because most of my friends are not members of Adenium yahoo group.

Thanks to Mr. David Clulow for the permission.

Also I want to thank Mr. Gordon Rowley for the source materials for the mechanism from his book Pachypodium & Adenium.

Now you can enjoy the pollination mechanism by clicking:

I am satisfied with this latest album and if there is any error the responsibility is mine. Even if errors are there kindly convey it to me and I will rectify that.  

Thank you.

Benadeniums, Nachalur-639110, Tamilnadu, India. __._,_.___


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  1. sebenarnya kegunaan masing2 unsur NPK pada pupuk untuk apa sih ya??? jadi bingung nehhhh
    tolong dunk para pakar pupuk 🙂

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